Frequently Asked Questions

Babycakes Couture Sweets designs all desserts from scratch, meaning it all starts with eggs, flour, and sugar - unless it's vegan of course.  We have custom designed fashion forward recipes as well as a few classics from your grandmother's kitchen. Each of our desserts are baked especially for you and adorned with just the right amount embellishment to be as pleasing to the eye as it will be to the palette. You have never had a more fashionably sweet dessert. Here are a few FAQs to help you get to know us.

Does BCC do same day orders?

At this time we do not do same day orders. We currently require 48 hours notice for basic orders and at least one week for couture orders.

Does BCC have a storefront?

We are currently a home-based company offering pick-up and delivery to Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Is there a fee for delivery?

There is a $10 fee for deliveries of 10 miles and $1 additional per mile thereafter.

How do I care for my Babycakes Sweets?

If they will not be enjoyed immediately, cupcakes cookies and truffles should be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to three (3) days for ultimate freshness. They can also be stored for future enjoyment. Set them out for a half hour, or an hour if frozen, before eating. Babycakes Sweets are at their best at room temperature.

Does BCC do Custom orders?

The main mission of  Babycakes Couture Sweets is to provide you with a couture dessert experience. Together with your ideas and our creativity, we will provide you with a dessert that is both unique and fashionably sweet; made just for you.

Does BCC offer vegan options?

We do offer vegan alternatives to some of the flavors on our menu; the selection is growing everyday.

Does BCC offer any sugar-free or gluten-free treats?

At this time we do not offer any sugar-free or gluten-free treats. We hope to someday venture into that area.